Phish Wishlist

Given the recent setlist madness, I decided to compile my Phish Wishlist.  Here are the 13 songs I most want to hear played live, in no particular order: Destiny Unbound (36) Camel Walk (50) Brother (17) Scents and Subtle Sounds (7) A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing (11) Dinner

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Making the Case: Time Turns Elastic

Trey Anastasio’s masterpiece “Time Turns Elastic” was written for an orchestra. That’s what they tell us, at least. It was performed with the New York Philharmonic in September of 2009. A video surfaced, Trey playing TTE alone, acoustically. And then there’s the Fenway debut. Somehow, we find ourselves here in

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Javascript Ninja!

Thank you, John Resig. Because of you, I’m learning about Javascript the way Andy Gadiel taught me HTML. In the days before server-side scripting, I learned my first bits of HTML largely by viewing the source of Andy Gadiel’s Phish page (which, for some reason, remains largely unchanged since ~1997).

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Festival 8

It’s impossible to sum up all of my thoughts and feelings about Festival 8 in a way that would do any justice to my memory of it. I know that to be true, but I’m going to try anyway, because it seems foolish to let this high fade over time,

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I’ve updated to a new theme. It’s not significantly different from my old theme, but it’s a nice one that isn’t quite as hacked up as the last one. I’m in the process of deciding what to do with comments. I’m thinking I’d like to outsource them to disqus

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I’ve kind of come around on Vista.  Although it was SO VERY painful to set up and get everything installed, that was long ago, most programs are now compatible, and I’ve come to appreciate some of the subtleties of the OS.  While there are some pieces that are just the

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A Thought

As a parent, you reach a certain point where you find yourself, mid-work-day, shopping online for “Ni-Hao Kai Lan” pajamas and “Wow Wow Wubbzy!” shirts and begin to appreciate some of the kooky shit your parents did for you as a kid.

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