You Cannot Resist The iPhone

I have so many gripes about my iPhone 3G that I could write a decent sized essay, and yet, it’s still the greatest phone ever invented, and by a very comfortable long shot. Poor Nate and Jensey caught a glimpse of mine yesterday, and suddenly their plan to “get iPhones this Christmas” was rapidly directed to the rubbish bin as Nate informed me about an hour ago that they were headed to the AT&T store. How many people have purchased the iPhone after inspecting mine? Enough that Apple ought to be giving me some kickbacks.

But alas, I kid, because, honestly, the thing sells itself. One glance at the silky smooth native apps, Google Maps,, MobileSafari, multi-touch, the App Store… it’s hard to resist.

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G

This device is magical, and once you have one, it’s hard to deny that no phone has ever been as slick, as useful, as integrated, and as beautiful.

I had some issues with battery life with my 3G where it would only last about 8 hours, talk or not, with the 3G enabled. I did a reset and restore on it last week and since then, I’ve had fantastic battery life even with 3G on. And you know what, the 3G is faster than before. I love this thing. I feel so damned connected.

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  1. Resisting ? Not a problem for me. You see, I’m in central europe, they begin to seel the iPhone3G here this week, let me share some numbers with you: with a 2 year contract (in which you can’t change any data plan or else in the 1st year) the 16gb version costs $330, with the monthly fee of $70 with a 2gb data plan. Until it stays so, I’ll stick with my WM smartphone.

  2. Since I saw the first generation iPhone, I’ve always wanted one. It was (and still is) simply amazing.

    It is indeed a really, really good product with a slick user interface. In my country, people are more like “features, features, features!”. I don’t want a lot of features. I don’t want a WM-based phone that has thousands of apps but it’s unstable. I want a phone that works well and it’s a joy to use.

    And that is why I’m getting an iPhone 3G. For me, just like for you, it is THE phone.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout Adam! You definitely were the catalyst in yesterday’s activities. My super quick thoughts so far: Incredible interface, quick, fun, intuitive. Everything else: a pain in my arse. I didn’t think we’d need to, but we should have read a few FAQs before jumping into the app store, itunes, etc. Keep in mind, I’ve never used a mac or itunes, so all of this experience is new to me. I hate itunes with a passion so far. (Once we figured out how to make ringtones, not so bad. But leading up to that point, I wanted to break something.) Got a handful of errors (nothing critical) when trying to sync or download or whatever. Why can’t the song I JUST purchased send to my phone? =| I have to authorize what?

    I know, I know. I’ll learn it no doubt. But I always thought the mac experience was supposed to be seamless and the easiest thing ever. Maybe my brain is just too advanced. =P Or I’m too used to the structure of Winamp and Windows. Either way, I’m not giving up, but I’m not liking it so far. (LOVE the phone, though!)

  4. Nate – the Mac experience is much more seamless. iTunes on Windows is far from ideal, it’s mostly a mess. But on the Mac, it “fits.” The entire experience is smoother and makes more sense on a Mac. That said, Syncing is not something you should have to do too often anyway, and will soon become less of a hassle.

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