weblog status update

Yo – thanks to you jerks and your requests, you can now comment on each item submitted. This is good, it means we don’t have to waste the log itself commenting back and forth. Still feel free to post as much or as little as you like, but use the comments thing if you like.

There’s no admin page for the comments right now – once you submit, it’s there for good. The only way in is through the server. Anyone can comment, whether they post to this weblog or not. If you submit your e-mail it will be visible to all. It can also accept a URL instead of an e-mail address. Otherwise, you can just leave that field blank.

I’m going to watch some movie called “Mildred Pierce” now. If it’s not good, Stine’s in for it.

Although you may not realize what you’re looking at, it originally began as a project FOR WORK. Since I started this thing about a week ago, it’s truly become a web application – and there are still features we’re not using yet – archiving, full text search, user groups… So have fun, we’re essentially the first people on the internet to use this, and I can tell you for absolutely certain, we’re not going to be the last.