Trackback Spam, Again

Once again, I am dealing with trackback spam, aka referrer spam. Since records the pages that refer hits to us, I’ve had to deal with jerks who issue HTTP requests so that they get a link back. Too bad they don’t realize that every referrer gets a rel=”nofollow” attribute (more here).

So, I had to issue these SQL statements to the database today:

DELETE FROM user_agent_table
WHERE (referrer LIKE 'http://mp3%' OR referrer LIKE '')
DELETE FROM user_agent_table
WHERE referrer LIKE '' has some asshole posting all sorts of links that pass a GET variable with a URL in it, which appears to do nothing other than ping the page. So, effective immediately, we run a regex validator on referrers and will be doing a more frequent clean up.

Hear that spammers? Take your crap elsewhere.