The 1st “A-Hole of The Week Award”

I used to have the utmost respect for Theo de Raddt, the project lead for OpenBSD and OpenSSH. He is a code machine, and he maintains an entire OS. He has written plenty of software that I have used or currently use.

But this week, he wins the A-Hole of the Week award, for being a big giant economy sized douche bag. There are currently about 100 messages in this thread about a copyright issue. You really should read the entire thing, it’s seriously COMICAL to watch this guy! Here’s the short version of a long story: an OpenBSD developer, whether intentionally or not, copied – exactly- GPL’ed code for which he did not own the license into a BSD licensed device driver submitted to OpenBSD. This is a clearcut copyright issue: the driver was apparently copied word for word, cut and paste, including all white space and variable and function names.

Theo CAUSED the problem by replying ON BEHALF OF the author, and basically said either he deletes it or he’s acknowledging the infringement, essentially cornering the developer and preventing a peaceful outcome. He started the war, is to blame for the flamefest, and is a sad representation of an otherwise respectable project. Click out this link where Theo gets totally owned and called on his crap.

Where does Theo de Raadt, a classic over-reactor, get off telling this guy he is “inhuman” or accusing someone who is defending their copyright via EMAIL instead of a lawsuit of being unreasonable. Theo’s *only* real complaint is that the infrigement was posted to several related people instead of in private. And while there may be a very small ring of truth to that, the guy violated copyright by totally stealing the code – character for character!

Normally, I think Theo is just awesome. OpenBSD is an awesome project. But after watching his behavior today, I’m not certain I really would want to have anything to do with it for fear of being associated with him. Yikes!

A word of advice to TdR: shut up and code and you’ll be considered a programming hero. Keep carrying on like an idiot and everyone will continue to think you’re a hothead nut who happens to write C.

With that, I present the 1st A-Hole of the Week Award to Theo de Raddt, for fantasically over-the-top A-hole behavior.

6 Replies to “The 1st “A-Hole of The Week Award””

  1. Nice! Very mature.

    Please share: I want to understand the mentality of the open source zealot: if you steal my code – knowingly or not – and commit it into a public CVS tree that everyone knows is BSD licensed and therefore could – at this very moment – be using it in a proprietary driver or application – am *I* wrong for calling it to your attention? Or am I just wrong if I “cc” too many people in my reply? What is the acceptable amount of people for the first notice?

    Am I less right for calling you out if I’ve embarrassed you for your massive screw up?

    This whole thing is absolutely RIDICULOUS, and the people who are ignoring blatant copyright infringement should not only be ashamed of themselves, they should not be trusted to ever touch, write, or release Linux (GPL), OpenOffice (LGPL), and most GNU apps. – they obviously have no respect for these licenses.

  2. Congratulations, you’ve won my first Blog Douchebag of the Week Award. This award is presented to the blog that most accurately represents the qualities of a douche. Not only is your post a waste of the electrons that transmit it electronically across the intar-web, but it actually made me more stupider for reading it.

    Huzzah! Cheers to Andy and his self-righteousness!

  3. Huzzah! Cheers to Andy and his self-righteousness!

    Awesome! That’s funny. So who’s Andy?

    BTW, I hardly think anyone who actually uses the term “intar-web” should be hurling insults. You should really move out from your parents’ basement first.

  4. I warned that your blog had inflicted more stupidness on me! Obviously that comment was meant for Adam, not Andy. The names don’t matter… douchebagginess knows no boundaries.

    ZOMG, you’re so right! The intar-web exists only in my parents basement. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Adam Doucheberg!

  5. I warned that your blog had inflicted more stupidness on me! […] Thanks for clearing that up for me, Adam Doucheberg!

    You know what Jason? You’re an asshole. This is MY blog. I didn’t post my inane tirade on a public mailing list. When Theo does that, he’s opening himself up for criticism. If you think it’s appropriate, constructive, or worthwhile to come to *my* site and leave posts like that, I feel sorry for you. You’re a jerk.

    You’re also a coward, too scared to leave his last name, his email address, or his webpage. At least be a man and own up to what you’re saying.

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