Someone please explain this to me.  

It was actually hosted on, so this is not a Photoshop.  How did someone convince them this was for real?

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  1. Well, Bush is the epitome of racism/evil/greed/US imperialism/etc so why would anybody pose for photos with him? Either that, or he’s claiming that coloured people are racist and will only be photographed with a coloured President.

    I think I’ve become more stupid after reading this blog.

  2. Philip, the finger sign he’s holding up has a second, more off-color meaning. I’m surprised no one knew it and prevented this, the way they would if a team came in and told the president that their sign was the middle finger.

    But then, you’ve become more stupid, so you might not have known that.

  3. So the ASU pitchfork symbol happens to be a gang sign, whoop-di-doo. I think it would have been a more interesting picture had Il Duce been photographed with the Texas Longhorns making their hand sign.

  4. You realize that they’re not actually showing The Shocker, right?
    Well, the guy on the far left is but he’s the only one.

  5. […] Take a closer look at that photo. Click on it even. Yes, that’s our fine nation’s lame-duck President flashing the old shocker. Now, I’ve been known to do the same (in photos), but this isn’t the sort of thing one expects from his commander in chief. Was this part of Bush’s shock and awe strategy in Iraq? … […]

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