Portability. Like a mofo.

Here’s how it worked: first, I wrote firsttube.com. Then I used the code to write Flip. Then I used Flip as the base for the next version of firsttube.com. Then I merged the changes back into Flip. Then I slimmed it down and created Flip Lite, which I later used for the ft_blog. Then I made major changes, and as you’d expect, it will be the basis for the next version of Flip, which will probably not be called Flip.

The problem is that this last time, I wrote so much that was bound to the firsttube.com server and stylesheets I was worried that it might not be very portable. Well, it’s not.

However, it’s not too bad, because I was able to hack it to work on OSNews in about an hour. Not too shabby, considering all the overhead of OSNews.