Peas Porridge Hot.

What the hell is porridge? And who is eating it?

According to
porridge: por·ridge Pronunciation Key (porij) n. A soft food made by boiling oatmeal or another meal in water or milk.

Where do I start? What other “meals” are there? Corn meal? How many meals might make for a sensible porridge? Secondly, who is mixing meal with water? If I take the liberal definition, all Oatmeal as we know it is porridge. If I take a stricter route, someone is apparently looking at a grainy substance and saying “This ‘meal’ would be mighty tasty boiled in water or milk.”

Furthermore, I think we’re all familiar with the oft repeated nursery rhyme that ends “Peas porridge in the pot, nine days old.” Oh my! Are peas a “meal?” If so, does mixing peas with water or milk make a pea porridge? My peas are always cooked in water, but I’ve never considered it a porridge. Also, who would save any porridge for nine days? I can’t imagine a 9 day old oatmeal, am I off track in assuming other “meals” would be equally unappetizing after 9 days in a nasty pot, doubtlessly unrefrigerated?

Next week, we shall discuss the nutrional value of curds and whey.

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  1. peas porridge is made like a thick paste then its eat with salty pork or ham. It makes the meat more palatable. and the rhyme actually ends Minus nine days mold

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