osViews is funny.

I never read osViews. I never had a problem with this guy Kelly McNeill, but he and Thom go at it sometimes, and it’s kinda funny from the sidelines. When he started abusing OSNews, something I could definitely prove via the OSNews database (I won’t give away all of my secrets, but I could prive with nearly all account info, including forwarded IP info, that it was him – over and over and over), I emailed him.

Since he was pretty much a dick (I am the internet police, and if Thom doesn’t clean up his act, I will invoke terror on your website by spamming and trolling your forums), I banned him and all referer links from osViews.

Then today I was pointed to this retarded post on osViews. What a nimrod. Read the comments, even his own readers think Kelly is a hoser now. I suppose we should thank him though, since he consistently sends traffic our way. Since Kelly has a habit of responding to virtually all criticism of his site with a comment that simply reads: “This is Thom,” you never know what the hell he’s thinking. He’s disclosed nothing other than “I can tell by the IP,” which is a stupid argument to begin with.

The best is this comment, which I’m reproducing solely because Mr. McNeill has a habit of changing the content of the website, hiding, removing or in some cases, even altering the content of comments:

The site has spread lies about me on their site as well as on their editors’s personal sites.

I actually read the blogs of the editors of OSNews, and indeed, Thom has posted quite some stuff about this thing in the past on his blog. The things he said came down to two things:

1) Kelly McNeil created multiple accounts to influence the OSNews comments’ section (by getting votes for each single account). The proof of this is clearly visible: if you browse OSNews’ older comment threads, you’ll see accounts named ‘kellym’, ‘kellym2’, ‘kellym6, etc. So, yes, you have created multiple accounts there. That is a CLEAR violation of OSNews’ code of conduit.

2) That you, Kelly, falsily attribute comments to him. Quite often, you would claim comments came from Thom, but you failed to give any proof whatsoever. Since we live in a world where one is not guilty until proven otherwise, we can safely assume, until you come up with proof, that Thom is indeed right about this.

So how, again, has he been posting lies about you? It seems to me it’s the other way around!

Fantastic! Now, you’ll simply have to take me at my word, but as the most neutral of all the OSNews editors and the only one who hasn’t participated in this retarded game, the OSNews editors don’t currently, nor do they have any interest in – the irrelevance that is osViews. Kelly McNeill has an irrational agenda against OSNews, maybe because he once tried to buy OSNews and was refused, maybe because we get a LOT more traffic than osViews, maybe because we report the news and Kelly’s site is a one-sided Apple suck-off. Note that all of the OSNews editors use Macs, my positive MBP review will be online shortly, and we’ve all praised OS X publically.

Also, take a peek at the osViews Microsoft topic. Kelly’s Microsoft section is worse than any manipulation of OSNews’ Apple section. What a hypocrite. The best part is — he’s not even apologetic about it. He’s an admitted Apple biggot.

I try to stay out of this stuff, I try to remain above it, I love the idea that I am the “now and again” voice of reason on OSNews, but this is too much. osViews is a joke.

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  1. I’m now blocked from viewing osV. But seeing his complete lack of knowledge on IP addresses, I’ll probably be able to visit again as soon as my ISP lease is renewed :D.

  2. Upon reading this blog post, I was wondering how many accounts are linked to support the crusade of my favorite internet trolls (aka OSS fundies). 😛

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