Names for My Dog

So I’m getting a dog this summer. He will be a miniature schnauzer, and he needs a name.

So here is the tenative list, please jump in if you want to vote or have any suggestions.


Good: A Simpsons reference.
Bad: A Nixon reference.
Good: Funny.
Bad: Not very funny.


How many people name their dog after a character or worth? Sydney Carton? Charles Darnay? Bingley? Why not a modern day story *I* admire?


Obligatory but subtle Phish reference, Cactus kinda rings of toughness. It also brings memories of “Cactus Jack” to light. While it’s new to the list, I kinda dig it.


A fans-only tribute to South Park, there’s something funny about the name Butters that makes me chuckle.


Mortimer (nickname: Morty)
A non dog name is better than a dog name, for sure.


Because I’ve never heard of a dog named Ned.


Mr. Sabotelli
My 6th grade teacher, and a complete douche bag. Arguably knew considerably less than Corky from Life Goes On.


Because naming a dog something in Yiddish is friggin hilarious.


Chen Kenichi (nickname: Chen-san)
The legendary, and quite animated, Iron Chef Chinese, pioneer of Sezchaun dishes, he skillfully fuses Asian blends with classic Chinese style to create a bold and innovative array of Asian cuisine nouveau.


Doctor Yukio Hatori (nickname: Hatori-san)
In the same vein as the above, the colorful and extremely knowledgable Iron Chef straight-man commentator, Hatori-san runs a Japanese culinary college and is second to none as a sophisticated Japanese palate.

Good ol standby.