My Must-See TV List

This season, I’ve scaled back my TV watching quite a bit. I’m crazy with TV – I get addicted to shows after about 30 seconds of watching. With that in mind, here are the shows that I am currently watching:

Monday: Prison Break, Heroes, Studio 60
Tuesday: House
Wednesday: Lost, Criminal Minds
Thursday: The Office, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy*
Friday: Las Vegas*
Saturday: SNL
Sunday: Family Guy

* indicates shows that my wife watches and I therefore get sucked into, despite the fact that Grey’s Anatomy is totally unrealistic and Las Vegas is pure pulp trash. That said, I watch them both.

Throughout the week, I DVR lots of other shows for miscellaneous watching: I do one daily King of Queens, because I love the show. I do Pardon the Interuption every weekday, because it’s great in the background while cooking or cleaning. Also, in the bedroom I record Frasier and Mythbusters for watching while dozing off. I don’t watch all of the shows in this paragraph, but I like to have a nice backlog in case I want to just chill for an hour on the weekends or something.

Then of course we have the “sprinkled throughout” shows. These are shows that record whenever they are on – The Sopranos, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

That’s a lot of TV, in retrospect, but dammit, there’s plenty of good stuff on TV!

One Reply to “My Must-See TV List”

  1. I watch the ones you do too, plus Jericho, ANTM, Day Break, Vanished (online only now) and Ugly Betty. I don’t watch Criminal Minds, The Office, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy or Studio 60.

    The funny thing about Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy is that if you look at their IMDb forum they don’t have as many comments as other less popular shows do. Apparently, these shows have more viewers in the age cap of 40-60, instead of the younger population that actually go online to chat about their fav shows. It is pretty interesting to see that Heroes or Lost have extremely long chat threads, and yet they have 10 million fewer viewers than Criminal Minds or CSI or Greys Anatomy.

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