LOST is No Longer #1 For Me

Lost has been my favorite show for some time now. The incredible mythology, the spooky orientation videos, the crazy overlapping backstories, they are just incredible! But last night really let me down. More after the break.

Some time ago, I remember being taunted by the secrets: Who is Marvin Candle? Is Mark Wickman the same guy? How did the Black Rock get so far inland? Where are Michael and Walt going? How did Libby get from Desmond, to the Mental Hospital, to Austrailia? What’s up with Desmond? What’s the deal with the button? The questions went on and on and on…

Now the show is getting silly. They answer no meaningful questions at all, but raise even more with props like a car in the middle of the island. The room that Karl was in. The “mark” that Juliet got. As great as the Juliet episode was – where we actually learned a lot, even if it answered no real burning questions, even the Desmond one was cool, but the Jack one was really kind of silly and this Hurley one was just dumb. The backstory is just too unbelievable now with all the possible “curse” stuff. I mean…. a meteorite? Come on, Lost producers.

Here’s what I think the LOST producers should do: slowly reveal answers. Dig deeper into the Mythology and let us in on the stuff that actually addicted us: who the heck are the Degroots? What happened to them? What’s with Dharma and where did it go? What the heck are the Others doing on the island and why on earth have they approached the survivors as hostiles?? Tell us about Radzinsky and Kelvin and why they were there and what they were doing. The entire thing is now so complex and so bulky that no explanation could possibly address all of the mysteries that have been laid out. So we are doomed to be disappointed.

Heroes has replaced LOST as my #1, mostly because the plot advances comfortably. This Monday I was just blown away when HRG let the Haitian shoot him and then the Haitian reached forward to give him the mind wipe. I haven’t felt that way about Lost in a long time. Maybe when Michael shot Libby or the first Desmond flashback. But nothing has recaptured me like the first few episodes of season 2 as we explored the hatch and met Desmond.

Anyway, enough about Lost. I pray that as this season advances, we get a little more on track and focus on letting us in on the actual story. It’s just not a show worth watching if all we’re going to get is a little levity about a heavy guy riding a truck down a hill. If Hurley flashes back and we meet Cheech again, I’m turning it off. Now, if Hurley flashes back and we meet Libby in the hospital, that’s a different story.

4 Replies to “LOST is No Longer #1 For Me”

  1. I agree with you in general, although last night’s episode –even if a filler– it was better and more enjoyable than Jack’s flashback last week. It was funnier and left a sweeter taste in my mouth.

    BTW, the episodes we are watching right now have been filmed months ago, so hopefully the ones that they shoot now they will have more answers in them because I know that the producers are watching the forums and people are asking for answers. So, if we do see some answers, I expect them in a month or so.

    Heroes’ last episode was indeed its best episode yet. Even JBQ who doesn’t really like Heroes liked that episode! 😮

  2. Hurley stories are supposed to be ridiculous though. He is supposed to be so unlucky that something that unlikely could happen to him. I thought it was pretty funny.

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