it's funny

See, I always figure that no one ever reads my blog. Well, not one I need to worry about. Friends, chicks I’ve dated, employers… the liklihood that any of these people has read my blog is really really small. Shit, I don’t even read my own blog, and anyone who reads this would know, I think blogs are pretty lame overall anyway.

Yet, here I sit, not only blogging, but authoring software to encourage blogging, which, as we covered, is pretty lame.

This is strange though, because for the first time, I will be driving my family members to the site (well, not the first time, but the first time that anyone might actually come to the site. And the scary part is that at least someone – probably Chet, but who knows – is going to stumble onto the blog and start reading this stuff. Now, whoever you are, trust me, it doesn’t get much more interesting than this. Most of it is me rambling about other crap I’ve written online, and the occasional tidbit about the latest lady-de-jour, but not much more.

Strange though, to imagine having an audience that actually knows me. Strange. And scary.