In What Respect, Charlie?

What the [email protected]#* is this world coming to?

COURIC: You’ve cited Alaska’s proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience. What did you mean by that?

PALIN: That Alaska has a very narrow maritime border between a foreign country, Russia, and on our other side, the land– boundary that we have with– Canada. It– it’s funny that a comment like that was– kind of made to– cari– I don’t know, you know? Reporters–


PALIN: Yeah, mocked, I guess that’s the word, yeah.

COURIC: Explain to me why that enhances your foreign policy credentials.

PALIN: Well, it certainly does because our– our next door neighbors are foreign countries. They’re in the state that I am the executive of. And there in Russia–

COURIC: Have you ever been involved with any negotiations, for example, with the Russians?

PALIN: We have trade missions back and forth. We– we do– it’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is– from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to– to our state.

I am confident that should John McCain, whose examples of leadership almost universally appear to lie in the past, win the election, he will govern in a much more centrist fashion than he has suggested in the course of this campaign cycle.  Although I do not want John McCain to win the election, I do not fear his presidency.  But I am terrified of Sarah Palin representing our country.

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  1. Yeah Heather over at linked to this stuff, this is what I commented there:

    “I’m from The Netherlands, so I’m not exactly eligible to vote, but I must say that both candidates – Obama AND McCain – are heaps of leaps forward compared to Bush. I mean, like, OMGPWNIES!!! ahead. I favour the Democrats, but at least McCain isn’t a total brainless moron, so I could live with him being president.

    That being said – Palin scares the living daylights out of me. I believe in a strong separation between church and state, and Palin represents everything that I do NOT believe in in that regard. America was instructed by God to invade Iraq? God promoting war? If I were religious, I’d find that offensive.

    And yes, what if McCain dies? Palin in office? She doesn’t appear to have much of a brain, and having such a religious lunatic with access to The Red Button (nuclear weapons) seems like a ticket to an annoying case of LOTS OF DEAD PEOPLE.

    But I do reiterate – she is physically attractive. Which, coincidentally, might explain people defending her.”

  2. You might have considered this in other posts on your site, but Palin is – as you point out – not only dangerously unqualified and unprepared to be either v.p. or president (should the v.p. be called to assume that role…) but she is also a sterling (i.e., tarnished…) example of McCain’s decision making abilities, and his consideration (or lack thereof…) for the welfare of the country. Palin’s selection as McCain’s running mate says as much about McCain as it does about her, and those currently supporting McCain would do themselves and the country a service considering this. And, just in case.. The suggestion that McCain’s selection of Palin is only a campaign tactic, and not evidence of his governing philosophy, is a false counter – especially for those who voted for GWB, we have that now legendary quote – “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice – can’t get fooled again…”

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