It’s been awhile since I’ve put any real substance into this thing, and I have a few minutes, so in the interest of entertaining myself, here an update.

I’ve been actually going on a fair amount of interviews lately. I’ve got two companies, two very different jobs, that seem promising, and I’m letting circumstance determine which, if either, I go to. I have my “third interview” with one company today, and if I get an offer, which I’m really hoping for, I can put the other company on the countdown for an offer.

In other news, I could possibly be living with JeN, former ftweblog contributor, current general freak. We found a place and put down a deposit, hinging mainly on me getting a job today. However, it seems Keith would’ve been down with getting a place too. Which is odd, since, I had gotten the impression otherwise. I’m in a bit of a pickle. I like Jen a lot, but I’m kinda attracted to her, and it’s probably a bad idea to live with her.

In other news, I started teaching myself Perl, but writing Perl on Windows is lame. Since I switched back to Windows, I have this box set up just right, I’m afraid to go to Linux again. What I may do is install MDK on my large partition parallel to my other, small, slow, dying MDK install.

More later, after the interview. Wish me luck.