Goodbye, Firefox. Hello Flock.

Well, I’ve made the jump from Firefox to Flock. I’ve complained about Firefox for long enough, and a few days testing has shown that Flock will serve my needs just fine. I have a few observations though, so keep reading for the details.

First and foremost, Flock is probably not aimed at the general public. Its integration with so many services make it complex for the average user, but fantastic for someone like me. It’s integrated with Flickr (which I use),”> (which I use), it has the blogger API built in (which I use). Also, it’s got a great default theme and, the deal sealer – it runs all of my extensions flawlessly. The only real drawback is that the most current revision is still based off of Firefox

Yes, Flock still doesn’t respect my xml-stylesheet in my RSS feed, which — along with the developers attitudes towards users requesting a “fix” – was the biggest turn-off and ultimately, the reason I left Firefox behind (and no longer recommend it to general users), but, like IE and Safari, it aims to be a *full featured* RSS reader and therefore, is forgivable. No one is asking for RSS readers to respect styles – just the ones that offer nothing but a subscribe button and, in the meantime, make the entire thing butt ugly.

So, I’ll be reporting back over the next few days on how my Flock conversion is going.