Now Has An API

Well, something I’ve LONG considered implementing is an API for my website. Yes, there’s VERY little to ever use an API for me, however, it’s always been one of those “out there” challenges. It’s always been breaking new ground to parse an XML request and return XML to it. I’ve tried probably 10 times before, and each time I’ve given up. This time, I had to figure it out.

So I slammed the pedal to the metal and did it. I now have a working API. It currently supports only 1 method reliably – blogger2.newPost() – however, I have tested blogger.getRecentPosts and both corresponding methods under the metaWeblog API. That said, I will probably hack something up that explains how to add an API to your homegrown PHP weblog. There are functions out there that do the hardwork, and there are functions I’ve written that do the rest of the work, so you just need to write the correct queries for your database.

Anyway, I can now post from, which is cool. Ultimately, if we ever support user blogs on OSNews, we’ll roll out an API so people can comment on OSNews and Digg stories via the API. Could be interesting.