7.0/Last Post of 2005.

How appropriate that I wrote my “last post” of 2005 just as I’ve cobbled back together. After my last web host had a server crash, they informed me that all of my data went bye-bye. All of it. All of my websites. Gone. Caput.

So I started the ridiculous and laborious task of reassembling from whatever backups I had. I foolishly assumed that web hosts used RAID, which they apparently don’t, and that they maybe keep some backups, which.. eh… they apparently don’t.

So, hours and hours later, I have reassembled as much as possible via backups, my browser cache, Google cache, Google’s blogsearch, and surprisingly, an application I wrote myself which pulled my blog info via RSS.

Anyway, here is, for lack of a better name, 7.0. It will hopefully join me in entering into the best year of my life.