First Lt. Ehren Watada Is a Hero

First Lieutenant Ehren Watada still refuses Iraq deployment orders, calling the war illegal. A six-year prison term could result. Preliminary hearings are set for Thursday.

To those who think that Lieutenant Watada is a traitor or a deserter, let me remind you of a time when a government scared its fearful citizens into segregating themselves. A time when disloyalty to the army was disloyalty to the nation. When opposing the government (which, by the way, is an American core value, protected by the Bill of Rights itself) made you unpatriotic. That time was Nazi Germany, and although it may *feel* like a hyperbolic analogy, I think it’s apt. And look how we remember it.

The government HAS decieved us and America is less safe today than a few years ago. BRAVO for a soldier whose allegiance is to the constitution and not a corrupt, criminal administration.

Lt. Watada is a hero. When he took his oath, he took it to uphold the American Constitution, not to blindly support a Commander in Chief. And when the Commander in Chief orders something illegal, should it be opposed? After all, wasn’t “I was just following orders” the defense used in Nuremburg? One we, as humans, found unacceptable? One that we felt was not an excuse? If Lt Watada is convinced, as about 51% of American people are, that the administration’s actions are illegal, if not plainly dispicable, and his goal is truly to fight for America, then he has greater convinction than most pathetic Americans who are committed to nothing but TV or an unquestioned political party. And if he’s willing to go to prison for his beliefs, he has more courage than most of the cowards who judge him anonymously on an online message baord.

History will vindicate this man. I remain convinced that history will remember President Bush as the worst president ever, even worse than Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, or even Warren Harding. The “government” that exists today has done, and is doing, things so distinctly un-American than it’s easy to find quotes from our forefathers that expressly condemn their actions! Freedom of the press is at stake. Freedom of speech is at stake. Freedom to oppose your government is at stake. Your very rights are at stake – you can now be held without trial and tortured if you are suspected of being a terrorist. Your privacy is gone. And it’s all under the guide of “for your protection.” Folks, what good is safety if you have no freedom? Says Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I wonder what it will be like when we have some distance from this era and we look back: will we be living in a 1984-like military state? Or will our freedoms be restored and we remember this as I expect, like a period where a self-serving administration sought to control its citizens and promote its own agenda?

Time will tell.

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  1. I actually read the article & thought that this guy should be tossed in jail. Your piece has changed my mind tho. You’re right, if we don’t question it when our leaders are doing the wrong thing, are we any better than the ghosts of history who say they were just /following orders/ ????

    Obviously, we cant have the entire military up and decide not to fight, but can you imagine if they did? Think of the statement that would make!!1

  2. I think all the soldiers are heroes too, they joined the army to protect all of us, but this guy “First Lt. Ehren Watada” is my hero because he is able to stand up for what he believes in, and not what pres. Bush believes in.

    I know there are allot more like him, and that is what makes us a great democracy.

    We need to stand up for what we believe is wrong; and a good example of that is president Carter, who talks about the Israeli / Palestinian issue, and how uneven handed our foreign policy is been, and what kind of problems that can bring us.

    Take care,


  3. He a war criminal and a coward. His quote “To stop an illegal and unjust war, soldiers can stop fighting it” is a load of bull. I can understand the quote if there was a draft, but to volunteerly join and to say that you don’t want to fight is illegal and unjust unto itself. If a person became a firefighter and is afraid of fire, do you think that person have justice on his side? No!
    And you can’t merely stop. That’s treason, in the US military, defience on large scale may result in death. (If you’re not on our side, you must be on theirs). His quote should say “To stop an illegal and unjust war, people shouldn’t sign up or vote for war-mongering politicians.” That’s something everyone can agree on.

  4. The world will be largely Muslim. Your daughter’s daughter’s daughter will probably be subjected to Sharia law. Look it up. You’ll want to know what that is like. You like to contemplate the future. It doesn’t look too good for Democracy. Watada is a non story. So is arguing about the constitution, the constitution is not in jeopardy because of Bush. It’s in jeopardy because Muslim’s will outnumber non muslims within 30 years.
    This has nothing at all to do with the war on terrorism, or Bush, or political views. It is a fact.
    The United States is the only western country who is currently above the Death/Birth ratio. We are at 2.1. That means for every ten marriages we gain one citizen. Italy is at 1.1 They are at negative growth. Italians, Greeks, Brits, French, Germans, Australians and Canadians are all on the endangered species list. The number one supplier of new Europeans is Islam. The number two supplier of Canadians is Islam. Muslim countries are the ONLY countries on earth whose median age is below 15. Japan is ancient. So is China. Europe will be Eurabia in our lifetime. France is currently 30% Muslim!
    Syria’s birthrate is 4.4, so is Yemen’s. Muslim countries are birthing like the religious states they are. Western countries are birthing like the secular ones they’ve become. A women’s right to choose will ironically lead to a way of life where women have no rights at all. Gay marriage? I wish I could muster up the energy to debate this one, but the debate is over. Sharia law puts homosexuals to death. Iran just last year publicly hung two 15 year old boys for homosexuality. The Saudi’s prefer beheading. Afghanistan actually crushes gays with boulders. You think I’m lying?
    look it up.
    The Bush doctrine will actually be remembered as too little too late. And that is all it will be. A memory. Because the
    Muslims won’t care a twit about recording the West and it’s past.
    You are probably thinking that this could never happen. Well, numbers don’t lie. These are statistical truths.
    You are also probably thinking that our military might will bail us out if the situation gets too desperate.
    Oh yeah? Watada is a HERO. Remember?
    Wake up!

  5. Bah. What you say is, in all liklihood, inevitable. It has nothing to do with what we do today or tomorrow in the middle east.

    Plus, by opposing me in the way you do, aren’t you condoning this war? Aren’t you suggesting that a President can engage us in any military conflict without answering to his citizens or his congress? Aren’t you suggesting that the country run more like a dictatorship than a democracy?

  6. Just what is it about the US Constitution that you don’t understand? Absolute authority over our military resdies with a civilian elected Commander in Chief, the POTUS. That is why we don’t have to deal with South and Central American style militaries regularly overthrowing duly constituted civilian elected heads becase they think he is acting in an immoral or illegal manner.
    Using Watada’s and your illogic, a soldier in Iraq or elsewhere is just as free to follow his “conscience” and decide he is not going to obey an illegal immoral order to NOT fire on a bunch of civilians and decide it’s his duty to kill every woman and child he sees. Or, when given the orders to pull out of Iraq, when Hillary is elected, he and his unit can decide he thinks that’s immoral and illegal and he is going to stay.
    Please view “Seven Days in May” and get back to me. As it is now, you are an ill-informed and dangerous ignoramus. The US Military is not a buffet where you personally decide what war you are going to fight and which not. Not to mention that with his pulling this after training with his unit and the subsequent hasty substitutions, he may be responsible for the death or injury of some of his men. But of course that doesn’t matter to him.

  7. The war was debated and voted on by Congress. Look, I happen to think the prosecution of it was lousy. But what you are advocating is far more dangerous and undemocratic than anything Bush has even conceived of.

  8. Believe what you will. Call me whatever names you want.

    I am of the belief that America is on the decline; that our goverment is no longer representing citizens; that our elected leaders are not making decisions in the best interest of the country; that our that our civil liberties have been handed away, and when they weren’t, they were stolen away;

    *I* think it’s courageous that a military officer would sooner rot in a military prison that fight a war that is unjust and criminal. It speaks to personal principles. A war should be fought when the country feels it’s the right thing to do. Clearly, the overwhelming majority oppose the war, but many are too cowardly to admit it because it’s seen as “not supporting the troops.”

    Watada is a principled, honorable man in my view. The people who fight and kill yet oppose the war – they are the cowards. And they – those who attack without reason – THEY are the true dangers, to our country, to our world, to our planet.

  9. *I* think it’s courageous that a military officer would sooner rot in a military prison that fight a war that is unjust and criminal. It speaks to personal principles

    Well, no. Actually it speaks to his personal self-aggrandisement and grandstanding, as well as the same fundamental lack of belief in the core principles of this country that you apparently share.
    If you really want to poll the members of the military to decide whether this or any other war should be fought, in this case at least you would and will find that well over half support it. Therfore, by your own showing, end of story.
    Your redress and Watada’s reddress occurred last November, with some success to your side; and you will have another opportunity come November of next year.
    Meanwhile that shameless attention whore and un-American “useful idiot” of the Loony Left, former Lt. Watada, will not be able to vote because his butt will be in prison where it belongs.

  10. /*I* think it’s courageous that a military officer would sooner rot in a military prison that fight a war that is unjust and criminal. It speaks to personal principles/

    Well, no.

    Well, yes. I’m not sure how or why you think you can argue against my opinions with any validity. I do not believe that we are fighting the war we were led to believe we were. I do not believe that this war makes sense, that this war is good for America or democracy, nor do I believe that our government has been honest with us. I believe that an officer who abstains from fighting ought to be punished. But that doesn’t mean I don’t admire his conviction, courage, and willingness to accept the consequences and expose this corrupt administraton for what it is: a bunch of lying criminals who will be shamed in time.

    You may be a sheep who accepts your president’s weak, blurry justifications for his horrific, self-started genocide. But I say bravo to Watada.

  11. Watada is a coward. A deserter. A seditionist and a criminal. I hope he spends four years doing hard time which is what the coward watada deserves.

  12. Someone, intelligently, identify how you can “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” and not the current conflicts they are engaged in. 54 Worldwide missions, 36 Hostile to be precise, are currently being executed. If you support me, a Soldier, then you implicably support the mission. The mission is the war, the Soldier serves the mission. You cannot say what I do is evil, or wrong. If you do, you say I am evil and wrong.

    All of your logic is wrong. You SAY “Constitution.” You SAY “Liberty.” You quote Benjamin Franklin, and forefathers abound. You do not serve these ideals. You expect them. You believe you deserve them. You sit high and mighty in whatever position you believe is lofty enough to pass judgement on an elected leader of this Nation. Yet, I do not see you on the ballot. I do not see you alongside me in uniform helping change things.

    Quote a forefather, be a champion of internet debates by the mindless mob.
    “The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time by the blood of tyrants and Patriots.”-Thomas Jefferson.

    Look, ma. I can argue with the internet geo-politicians too.

  13. Someone, intelligently, identify how you can “SUPPORT THE TROOPS” and not the current conflicts they are engaged in.

    It’s easy to explain, just not if you take the words “support the troops” so literally. Don’t think I’m not thankful to every single solider who serves my country and defends me. But I do *not* have to support a war just because some politicians decided to fight it. Using this theory, if our president decided to bomb Mexico I would have to suddenly hate Mexico or be anti-solider? That’s utter nonsense.

    Supporting the troops and supporting a war are two very different things. I hate that in your otherwise honorable service, you are called upon to fight such a dishonorable war.

  14. WTF is wrong with you?????

    Why the bloody hell did you waste the internet’s bandwidth by posting shit like this?

    Watada should be shot for his disobedience to his country. he broek an oath he swore to protect his country. the soldiers in Iraq are not just protecting their own country; they’re protecting the world, against a terrorist threat, but you butt-hole democraps are too retarded to realise it.

    Please, calm down, take some pills (preferably cyanide), and never post a bllshit site liek this again.


    I will be starting a “Shoot Watada” campaign, in a move to convince the US. Army to have Watada executed for treason.

  15. Congratulations. You are the first person who has offered something so unconstructive that I am locking this thread. People like you are pathetic; you offer nothing constructive, yet heavy heavy threats and just generally make noise, much like a five year old. Do me a favor and never visit this site again.

    you butt-hole democraps are too retarded to realise it.

    I did not say I was a Democrat. I did say I was anti-Bush and anti-war. But then, your infantile misspelling reveals you to be a nincompoop anyway, so you probably wouldn’t realize that people might have a brain that extends beyond their party lines.

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