Facebook for iPhone 2.0

Yesterday, Facebook released Facebook for iPhone 2.0. I have to say, this is one of the best app updates I can ever recall. I’m incredibly impressed.

First of all, it introduced what appears to be a pretty decent speed boost. Interacting with the app is significantly faster for me on both Wifi and 3G.

Facebook for iPhone 2.0
Facebook for iPhone 2.0

Secondly, and more importantly, the app is much more robust and complete. Whereas before, the Facebook experience was very limited, the new app is almost a wholesale replacement while on your iPhone. The old version was so limited that you’d have to go to the browser for most operations such as adding a friend, viewing a photo tag, viewing requests, etc. And going to the browser directed you to m.facebook.com, which meant you had to login and go to the full site – a multi-step process to be sure. Also, the iPhone optimized Facebook site, iphone.facebook.com, was woefully underpowered. Both served as great platforms for basic browsing, but severely handicapped when it came to truly using the site.

So it’s that much more of a welcome treat that the new app is a full on competitor. As Apple continues to let me down, Facebook continues to do right by me.

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  1. I concur Adam. I understand softwear developemnt and getting to know how the platform works. still makes me wonder why FB 1.0 ever saw the light of day. I loooooove 2.0 . It does show off all the best bits of the iphone , and being able to zap photos up , way cool. All my workmates hate me ‘cos i can hit FB and they cant’ .
    Peace out.

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