Goddamn that show Extras, with Ricky Gervais, is funny. I was laughing my ass off. That and Family Guy kill me. I watch too much TV, I know this.

But damn, was that funny or what?! Ricky Gervais is a comic genius, his face has so much emotion, it’s just fantastic. I could not stop laughing at that damn agent. Here’s a basic recap:

Andy Millman: What’s happening with my script?
Darren Lamb: What script?
Andy Millman: [rolls eyes] The script I gave you two months ago.
Darren Lamb: Is it funny?
Andy Millman: You haven’t read it?
Darren Lamb: What’s it called?
Andy Millman: “When the Whistle Blows”.
Darren Lamb: [writing] “When the W Blows”.
Andy Millman: Don’t just write “W” you’ll forget what the W stands for.
Darren Lamb: “When the Wind Blows”.
Andy Millman: “Whistle”!
Darren Lamb: Got it.
Darren Lamb: “W” equals “Wind”.
Andy Millman: “Whistle”!
Darren Lamb: [writing] “When the Whistle Blows”.
Andy Millman: So that’s done, I can forget about that, I’ve got my best man on it. Just make sure the phone’s plugged in.