Enhancements, enhancements.

At some point, after the honeymoon, I’m going to take a nice, stable snapshot of firsttube.com and turn it into the next release of Small Axe. I’ve added several new features in the last few days. Last night I fixed the related stories to be a config switch, as detailed here. As you may have noticed, I redid the entire stylesheet for the site too.

Today I added a new AJAX backend for the admin section and you can now edit topics via AJAX. If this is Small Axe 0.4, 0.5 will have to have a backend rewrite. It’s just ancient. There are several things that need to be fixed to prevent future bugs.

I also changed the RSS feed to obey the “related” switch. If you’re set up to use tags instead of topics as your related basis, then the RSS feed will display the first tag instead of the topic as the “category.” So all posts in my RSS feed as now going to be using tags instead of topics. I don’t know what I will do about topics in Small Axe or on firsttube.com right now. On smallaxesolutions.com, the topics mean something. Here, they are completely random. So, for now, not entirely sure. Read on for more.

I’ve thought about some things I’d like to see in future incarnations of this code. I’d like the backend to be faster and more dynamic. I’d like to branch off the function files into admin functions and user functions for optimization. I’d like to restructure the Javascript in the admin backend. One challenge I’d like to see is the ability to host multiple Small Axe blogs in a single database. This is something I’ve had in mind for awhile. In theory, there’s no good reason why you could have 5 users running their blogs all from the same database, and in the meantime, have their own front ends AND a common front end. It would be extremely easy. This is more of a 0.6 or 0.7 goal.

Another thing I’ve thought about is the ability to add an RSS feed DIRECTLY into your blog. This means items would simply show up in your blog (either automatically or manually, that could be an option), but it would require cron.

I’d really like to integrate an weblog endpoint API, and I’d like to eventually learn how to parse an email so you could email an entry in. These are for much further out, probably post-1.0.

Anyway, those are some things I’ve been tossing around.