code on high

i have this book that talks about a psychological state called “flow.” flow is optimization of sorts – when you are so focused you lose track of time and other needs.

while i have acheived this state of flow, i sometimes equate long term flow with writing php. see, i go for weeks or months without any real development – to the point i actually forget how the stuff i wrote works. then, shortly thereafter, i operate on high for weeks. lately, with the rebirth of ft, i’ve been on high.

c2 is now in the works, and it’s amazing how much better my code is these days. just look at qdpa and flip lite – small, smart, more secure, portable code. it makes flip look so amateur. that’s why i’m so excited for c2. when i get a weekend, i’m going to slam through a lot of the rough draft and get it semi-functional.