boom chicka wah wah

so it’s tuesday and there’s quite a bit going on. friday night was a trip to clearwater with k to meet some friends of his for beach blanket bingo – which turned into late night swimming in the gulf which was pretty sweet. except for some jackholes (also dubbed “jackyls”) making noise leaving their light on, it was pretty fun.

saturday night was lindsey’s party, a few drinks at fridays, and a few games of bowling – a 177 followed by a sad 130-something (i was thrown off by all the friggin quiche i probably shouldn’t have eaten). whatever.

sunday was a lazy ass day. too bad i still spent 200 dollars and then another 100 the next day at ross. at least my wardrobe is getting better.

i got two mx chicks in the mix, which is nice, since for a while, it was all downhill. although it looks like n ain’t gonna pan out, i’m strangely excited for this. i know i was going for organic, but f it. who has the time?