Anastasio Charged with Drugged Driving

What a shame. Trey was arrested. It doesn’t appear he’ll do any hard time or anything, but I just wish it didn’t happen. It’s a lot easier to like Phish when they are just a relatively unknown group of jamming hippies with charitable ways. When this stuff happens, they make news and all most people remember is “Trey the druggie” and “Mike Gordon the child molester.”  It sucks for us hardcore fans. That said, I wish Trey and his family luck in getting through this painlessly.

5 Replies to “Anastasio Charged with Drugged Driving”

  1. I dont know who wrote this little blurb but you either need to shut the fuck up or articulate yourself better.

    Mike couldn’t be further from a child molester. He was taking pictures. How many children are photographed every year? And as far as Trey goes. So what
    He was allegedley taking pharmies. First of all, these are drugs the goverment deems safe enough for the general public to take. Second of all something like 3 of every 10 people are on some kind of script drug. The chances of anyone reading this having a friend who might leave their drugs in a car is pretty high.

    So if youre gonna go saying youre a hardcore fan and all your other whoa is me bullshit maybe you should start thinking aobout two things.

    Phish’s break up is the obvious outset and acceptance of the US becoming a police state. Secondly if anyone is so concerened with peoples feelings and reputations maybe you should ignore the propoganda people love to feed on in the media, and start challenging your local governments and reporting institutions. They’re the one’s who not only love to smear good peoples names through the dirt, but they ALSO MAKE MONEY doing it.

    y’all get your shit straight. the end of the world’s coming. For real!

  2. To Tony, respectfully — FUCK YOU.

    I have been a Phish fan for YEARS, and I know exactly what I’m talking about. Many people remember the Mike Gordon thing when I bring up Phish. Most phans know it was bullshit, but non-phans don’t. The thing about Phish has always been that real phans know a ton about the guys in the band, and non-phans know virtually nothing other than “they sound like the Dead a little.”

    When things like this happen and get reported by major news outlets, it makes an impression and it just burns me up that *this* is the stuff people remember.

  3. You all sound ridiculous. Mike Gordon should have been nowhere near that nine year old. The Dead were playing and far better pictures could have been snapped. There was probably a huge opportunity for “artful” pictures at the actual show (not in a boathouse with a 9 year old). Second, Trey is a fucking idiot. Its no surprise that the guy has been on heavy drugs since day 1 (considering the fact that phish’s lyrics have absolutely no depth). Third, Phish sound nothing like the Grateful Dead. That is an insult to the Grateful Dead and Dead Heads everywhere.

  4. Phish’s lyrics have no depth? are you crazy? It takes a deep thinking to appreciate their words and music. Also, it is not at all apparent that Trey is constantly on drugs. fuck off dude

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