– An Awesome Shopping Experience

So, I found a pair of shoes sandals I really liked. They are made by a company called Sanuk, and they are not very common, so they can be hard to find. The ones I wanted were not at my local store, I looked online.

I found many companies who sold the shoes, almost all for $55, and clicked through a few before I found offered the shoes for $58, but it included free overnight shipping. That seemed reasonable, so I placed my order on Wednesday night. I received the confirmation email within seconds at 9:48 PM Jul 25, 2007. The order was placed at almost 10 PM on Tuesday.

I got another email from at 11:45 PM:

We wanted to let you know that we’ve been working around the clock and that we’ve just finished picking and packing your order:

Sanuk Vagabond – Chocolate – 11/D – Medium

Since we are shipping your order with Free Overnight Shipping, your expected delivery date for this order is: thursday, July 26th 2007.

That can’t be right,” I thought, I just placed the order two hours ago.

I got my tracking number Wednesday morning and the sandals arrived Wednesday morning as you can see below in the screenshot grabbed from the UPS website. Complete transaction time was just over 12 hours from internet to shipping in Kentucky to receiving in Florida. I am honestly floored, and would definitely order from again. If you’re looking for shoes, I recommend checking them out.

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