What be slackin?

So this is the first mention of it online – 3 simple words: Flip. Is. Done.

Not done as in dead, but done as in reborn! Flip will be regally euthanized death with Flip 3.0 and Flip Lite 1.2 (actually, I may release a final Flip bugfix Flip 3.0.1, but that isn’t going to be right now). And Flip will be reborn, in a way, with dah dah dah dah! ….Celery Blog. There’s more in the Celery Manifesto, which you will soon see online. Either way, Celery is essentially what Flip 4 was going to be: a complete and total rewrite. Aside from a zillion reasons why this is a good idea, the retarded numbering scheme can be properly repaired to a more sensible 1.x for pretty much everything until the next complete rewrite. It’s actually pretty functional at ninjafoot.com, and hey, did I mention that NINJA works (even though it’s now the Celery Configurator)?!

In other news: K is a distant memory. She may be busy, but I sense she was leading me on anyway. It’s too bad, she was really fantastic, but even if she was being straight with me, even a girl that hot can’t be in relationship with NO free time. So right now I’m in a very blank space, and working to fix it, but not diligently. I need a new angle and some game.

Oh, and some more hair, goddamit.

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