WTF is Wrong With America?

Fer chrissakes, this is the crap we deal with in America today. This is pathetic:

This is a real soldier’s view on the war. She condemns all the flag wavers who pretend it’s patriotic to send your unarmed, unarmored soldiers into a country that doesn’t want them. You know what’s truly patriotic? Having the guts to say, “Supporting my troops is getting them out of Iraq and back into the USA as quickly as possible. Supporting my troops is restoring this nation’s standing in the eyes of the world. Supporting my troops is beginning to undo all the bad karma George W. Bush – never again refered to as “my” president, has done, so that our troops do not continue to serve as the exploding meat suicide bombers continue to terrorize. That would be supporting the troops. Anything else is anything but.

Just a few red states away, a high school news paper editor has been suspended for publishing an article encouraging tolerance. The bible says “Judge not, lest ye be judged. It’s a safe bet that an article on the bible would be A-OK, but an article that suggests that you allow your Lord to punish the amoral – or, better yet, determine exactly what is amoral – would probably be shunned for being too progressive. As a whole, I’m increasingly embarrassed by my country. We have backslid folks – a lot.

How’s this for a novel idea? Shut up and let everyone else live peacefully. That is your biblical duty.