Video Vault June 15, 2007

I’ve been watching this show “America’s Got Talent, which is the stateside version of “Britain’s Got Talent,” which spawned this cute little entertainer, Connie, who sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow and this guy, who sings opera.

“Cocky” seems to be the prevailing “cool” attitude these days, but while most find it a merely a turn-off, some will regret their cockiness forever, like this idiot bicyclist.

Every heard of this band “The Wrong Trousers?” Here’s their gem cover of Video Killed the Radio Star and a short concert that includes a great Flaming Lips cover.

Two dudes play the theme to Beverly Hills 90210 on the same guitar, which is kinda cool.

And lastly, the vanishing doorway, which is a fantastic prank.