Update on Life in General

I have used this space, in recent months, as a sounding board for miscellaneous sarcasm and (attmpted)witty observation. It’s made me chuckle to look back over it, but it truly hasn’t been much a measure of anything other than my general whining about good things. So, for once, I’m going to be a bit sincere. Please don’t make fun of me.

My move to Florida is precisely 19 days away at this moment, and I’m at a very interesting point. I am beginning, probably because I am leaving, to realize how much I really like DC. I like the people here, my friends, and the area. As much as the traffic sucks, work can be unfulfilling (and it usually isn’t) or frustrating (it usually is), or it doesn’t have the “air” that puts my senses at ease, I love it here. Lately, things have just seemed really great – my social life has been active and I’m starting to feel some value in relationships that, although they’ve been great, have matured at an accelerated pace now that there’s a countdown on the casual nature of them. So I’m beginning to second guess myself.

It’s all in error, of course, not going to Florida would devastate the rest of my life, always wondering “what if I did go?” I mean, this has been a dream of mine for about 2 years, well before Keith moved there and made it that much easier to pick up and go. Now I am going, and I feel a certain comfort level in going. If I weren’t leaving a fairly lucrative position in which I take a certain amount of pride, I probably wouldn’t be nearly as nervous as I actually am right now. I do feel, a little, as though I’m leaving an established and successful life for the unknown that might leave me penniless.

On a lighter note, I dream of owning a little 2 or 3 bedroom house on the outskirts of Orlando with a little Schnauzer puppy named “Skippy” tearing about a fenced in back yard. I dream of having a nice girlfriend who helps me work around the house in a very “let’s play house” kind of way, and this is probably less related to Florida than a general readiness to settle down with someone worthwhile. Combine that with the relocation, my recentl LASIK surgery which reinvented my style, and you really have a major crossroads in my life. In fact, I really envision a whole new Adam, and as I meet people, I wonder if I will strike them as the same person I have here.

What really gets me is the need to put my roots down. This is fairly new, but then again, signs of it have been cropping up for the last few years. I suppose I’m ready to meet someone and have a long term relationship again. The last two years or so I’ve been bouncing around dating quite a bit, but not really meeting anyone who I really click with. I suppose you could make the argument for H – she and I get along like peas and carrots and are physically compatible – but I still feel as though we’re friends more than anything else. Ah….who knows. The point is, I may actually be ready to start considering things like “Is she Jewish?” Oy. I sound like my mom.

My mp3 collection is getting out of control. I’m well over 20 gigs, and I really need to back this stuff up. That means it’s time to spring for a portable hard drive or a laptop.

I’m really enjoying cooking lately. I’ve made some real whoppers lately. Dipping into Asian cuisine has been enlightening. Also, my pretzel chicken invention in the last two months has been a general success. I am going to publish the recipe on K5 soon, because I want to hear if others like it.

That’s about all for now.