Trademark this: F YOU.

After reading this article, I’m pissed. A little-known Southern California band called Supernova is suing NBC for “stealing” their name for the upcoming show, “Rockstar: Supernova.” This is the epitome of lame. The American justice system is so broken it makes me sick.

We’ve all known for some time that the patent process, led by the seemingly supremely inept USPTO, Now, apparently, you can select a word from the English language and simply claim ownership of it via trademark. It’s one thing if your name is “The Wizzle Bangs,” something keenly unique. But if you choose a regular word, like say, “Windows,” you can apparently own it after a few years of use.

What the hell is wrong with the US when an office like the USPTO can be so incredibly out of touch? Bought by corporations? What is wrong with us all that we tolerate such nonsense in the court system? Why do we stand for frivolous lawsuits, ones that — gulp — are supported by the actions of government agencies staffed by people who are either truly stupid, simply don’t care, or at best, are too lazy to do any research.

If this lawsuit goes through, I’m going to through up.