Touch My Golden Globes

The 60th Annual Golden Globes aired last night, featuring the usual barage of Hollywood superstars celebrating each other while the rest of the jealous world looks on like puppies watching a dinner. Aside from the fact that the whole thing was super-concise and featured virtually no entertainment between awards, it occured to me how lame the whole event was.

Understand, all that most people care about are the results. People watch shows like the Oscars because Billy Crystal gets up there and works his ass off. You watch the Emmys because they get Conan O’Brien to host. Hell, even the freakin MTV award shows do their best to entertain you. But in the end, most people only care about the results, and usually, not even that.

The Golden Globes featured a number of embarrasingly long speeches including a rambling by Richard Gere that surprisingly did not mention Tibet once and a similar filibuster by the ever cute Rene Zellweger. The duo, who both won for their performances in Chicago, thanked the same people within 5 minutes of each other managing to detail about 12 anecdotes during their speech. I was praying for the damn music to start to give them the hook.

Adaptation, a movie I caught last week, won a number of awards. It was good flick. Chris Cooper definitely deserved his recognition. Meryl Streep, who, I’m sorry, I don’t find hot, took home a statue for a pretty good performance. The Hours seemed to keep racking up the awards, as did HBO in general. I was happy that the laryngetic Edie Falco and the life of Sex in the City Kim Cattral took home awards, and Seinfeld co-creator Larry David provided the best minute of the show when his Curb Your Enthusiasm won.

It’s a shame Eminem didn’t win Best Soundtrack for 8 Mile – I don’t really like Eminem, but it sold more albums than God, and definitely should’ve beat U2’s forgettable something-or-other song from Gangs of New York. Speaking of which, nice to see Scorcese get a friggin award finally.

I don’t mean to piss and moan, but the show was crap. Utter. As in, not very entertaining. At 10 PM I switched to TaxiCab Confessions. Now there is quality TV!