Time for the 3G iPhone Already

Dear Steve,

It’s really time for the 3G iPhone. It’s getting to be ridiculous. Check out Engadget’s news on the 3G iPhone. The news is everywhere, everyone already expects it to be announced on June 9 at your WWDC keynote. I suspect, with the shortages of iPhones everywhere, that the phone is not truly ready. If it was, you would be silly not to release it and take advantage of all the people (a) who are actually looking to buy new iPhones and (b) the people just waiting to snap up a 3G, like I am.

But if it is actually ready and just sitting in a warehouse in China until some crafty worker snaps a spy photo and emails it to a site like ThinkSecret or EngadgetMobile, ship the dang things over here and let’s have at ’em. We’re champing at the bit for a friggin snapshot of the damned thing, imagine the mass orgas celebration when it actually arrives. It looks like AT&T is going to have their HSPA network complete next month, but we’re ready now. So how about you just release it already so I can buy one and give my wife mine 1st gen? Ya dig?