The Return of CRACKED Magazine

I’m so pleased to share that CRACKED magazine, one of my favorites as a young teen even though it was often just a second rate MAD magazine, has recently been resurrected. The new version is more like a teen-aimed Maxim, but man is it funny. Here are some choice articles currently featured on the website:

First, a genius article called Why does everybody hate Kimmmy Gibler so damn much? An in-depth review exposes the Tanner family for what they were: a bunch of self-centered, underachieving, possibly gay, misfit assholes.

The 7 Best ’80s Movie Girlfriends
No clue how Pamela from Teen Wolf made the cut when it CLEARLY should’ve been Boof, but a great list nonetheless. Obviously, Elizabeth Shue had to be on the list for one of any number of roles.

The only people ever to guess the “joke” answer on Double Dare
CRACKED passes us to College Humor for this one, where a family picks the “joke” answer, standard on every question on Double Dare. I can’t believe the father let these poor kids go with this answer.

8 Important Lessons Learned from ’80s Cartoons
Good stuff. Good stuff.