The Quest for PN on OS X, Part II

Success! Unfortunately, I was not able to get PN2 running on ReactOS. However, I’m pretty impressed with ReactOS and will probably keep abreast of the development. If, on day, it’s more stable via Parallels, I’ll be all over it.

In the meantime, I fired up a copy of Windows XP inside Parallels and it installed quickly, easily, and painlessly, actually, and kind of surprisingly, a lot easier than it ever was to install Windows FOR REAL. It took about 40 minutes, and I never had to interact with it even once – Paralles installed XP, configured and entered the CD Key, and even added Parallels native drivers. I am impressed.

I installed PN2 as well as AVG antivirus and AVG anti-spyware (new app? Never used it before!). Then I tried out coherence mode. Beautiful. Absolutely beautfiul. Did I mention that Parallels put XP on my Mac network and I easily opened files on my Mac from my new Windows installation? Gorgeous.

So, here is the finished product: XP running on my Mac. Note that PN2 is sandwiched *between* Mac windows. Cleartype is on and works. The apps feels great. The whole thing is just … awesome. This is an amazing feat.