The Gorge

It’s not too often we get submissions like this, but it was so upbeat, it seemed like something good to share.

Jennifer writes “I talked to Mike Gordon on the way into the firt nights show at the Gorge. He is so down to earth and it felt like I had talked to him before. I really want to know how to write them but I cant seem to find any e-mail addresses or home addresses any where. At the second nights show I made my way down on the floor, three rows away from Trey. He played with so much heart and soul and at times looked right into my eyes. All I could do was cry, I was over powered with the beauty of his playing. Before I die My goal is to play music the best that I can in Phish’s honor. The other goal is to meet them and sit and chill for a while. For all those people who want to know what life and music is truly all about go to a Phish show and it will all be clear. I want to sell everything I have and live a life with Phish, nothing more peaceful than that. I wish you all Love, peace, and hapiness my friends and hope to make many more new friends in my life that enjoy Phish as much as I do.