The Continuing Saga of K

It would be senseless to post anything here that didn’t talk about all that’s really going on in my life. K has pretty much dominated my thoughts, and last night proved it when I had a long, fantastic conversation with her… at about 3:30 AM. Man, it’s dizzying. Little things that everyone else will think are stupid, like dissecting the brain power necessary to conjure up the feaux-accented “Cheuman” for German… they get me big time. This girl is gorgeous, and she’s got a really interesting combo of creativity, intelligence, and, well, balls, that makes her almost irresistible.

I can’t wait to see her on Sunday. So I hung up last night and then I couldn’t sleep, because, shit… I’m too excited. How strange is that? That has NEVER happened to me before. And I may read this later and feel stupid, but something is different with this one. I can’t tell what yet, but something it definitely different.

Another thing on my mind is just how frickin’ incredible the album Third Stage, by Boston, is. Goddamn. Can’cha Say > Hollyann has got to classify as one of the best one two punches in history on my list. Rock solid harmonies, user friendly metal guitar lines, and soft heartfelt interludes are common and just perfect. No wonder that album took 5 years to make. It’s a goddamn masterpiece.

Today I feel about as good as I have in a very very long time.