The Chamber of Secrets

I realized, after reading an article, that this has been a great year for movies. There have been three huge movies so far: Spider-Man, Star Wars Ep II, and Austin Powers 3, and that’s just 2002 through the end of summer. We still have two big movies coming out – Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers, and Harry Potter 2 (new trailer just released, check it out RIGHT HERE.

The thing so amazing about this is that in the end, there’s a good chance each of these movies will make 300 million bucks apiece and I actually liked all of them so far. We had some other high points too – from Bourne Identity to Signs. This has been a good year for movies.

Now for a real question: If Bill Cosby’s Leonard Part VI had been a hit, would the sequel be called “Leonard, Part VI, part II” or “Leonard, Part VII” or even “Leonard, Part II.” I don’t really know.