The Blue Fugates

I came across a crazy story about a rural Kentucky orphan name Martin Fugate, who, along with many generations of his descendants, it appears, had blue skin! The condition was due to a missing enzyme in his blood.

What was even crazier about this was that due inbreeding (not so much brother-sister as about 5 families continuing to refold similar genes into the same genetic pot), the recessive condition remained active for over a century. Even wilder than that was that by taking the proper supplement, the body could be oserved slowly changing from blue to pink! Searching the web will yield several versions of “The Blue People of Troublesome Creek,” a 1982 article that introduced the Fugate story to the world.

Fugate Family

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  1. i was told as a young girl by my grandfather whom was bradley fugate about blue anze was he coming by that was all i heard we were related to martin fugate years ago

  2. my grandmother was from va. my grand pa married her she was a wampler her mother was a webb my mother was a holbrook her mother was a bates my grandfather was a twin bradley and blainewas the twins names my father was hardin andrew fugate he died in 1976 6mos. after his mom i had 3 sisters donna linda and brenda 2 brothers phil and hardin the 2nd he was named after our dad he was nmed ater his grndfather

  3. i am a fugate .. i live in kentucky and i turn blue every now and then … my lipps and fingernails are what turn blue and i think im related to the Blue Fugates

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