Terrance and Phillip: DJs of the 21st century

From a small town just west of Regina, Saskatchewan, DJ Terrance has been ripping up the nu-disco scene. His album, “Midget in Bikini,” has topped the British charts and his style has been heralded around the world. On top of this, his so-called apprentice, Phillip, has also been tearing up the charts with his single “Join Me for Kraft Dinner.”

Why are these two scratchmasters, sometimes referred to as T & P virtually unknown in the US? It’s probably because the US is always behind in style. We follow Europe in trends, and perhaps nu-disco-techno-porno-funk has yet to cross the ocean.

I had a girl convinced the above was true. She told me she had heard of them. She also conceeded that they were the best talent to come out of Canada since Bryan Adams. Maybe this belongs in the stupid people category.