Am I the only one who felt gypped by last night’s American Idol? The premise of the show is that they sing on Tuesday and someone goes home on Wednesday. I understand that last night was taken over by a two hour telethon, but to lead us on all night just to screw us felt wrong. It would have been much more appropriate – and much less cruel to poor Jordin – to let us know up front the results and let the show stand on its own instead of treating the audience like a bunch of suckers.

The second to last episode of The Apprentice pulled a “Don’t fire anyone” moment, and I wonder if this is a trend in reality TV – keep ’em hooked longer.

Frankly, it pissed me off. The result will likely NOT be the same next time, and whoever would have gone home last night might not go home next week. Certainly, that’s possible.

I find the whole thing objectionable. This from someone who was wholeheartedly rooting for Sanjaya!

Update: I am told “gypped” is a pejorative slang form of the word Gypsy, which is the common name of the Roma. Being part Romanian – but alas, not Roma – I would like to apologize to any Gypsies who may be reading my blog and were offended by the term “gypped.”