State of the Union? F’ing Pathetic.

Says President George W. Bush “This country is pursuing a new strategy in Iraq, and I ask you to give it a chance to work.

This is the equivalent of when the three American Idol judges say “No” and the AI hopeful pleads, “Can I sing something else?” The response should be a resounding “NO!”

We gave you three years to make your Iraq strategy work, W, and you’ve screwed the pooch. As of this week, 7 of 10 Americans think you’re doing a crappy job, more Americans than not want you out of the presidency, and the fact that you would lead us further into war, a war that has been condemned by everyone from your citizens, to your congress, to your former cabinet members (including your former Secretary of State), to your joint chiefs for crying out loud, is nothing short of dispicable. When people stood in your way, even your own generals, you simply stripped them of their power like a true dictator. You’ve removed the very notion of checks and balances. You’ve broken the law and rewritten it to clear yourself of wrongdoing. You’ve disguised your crimes under the banner of defense, and rallied our sympathies on lies. You’ve wiped out democracy.

But I don’t have to spend my time being mad about this, because time will take care of things. The history books will remember you as a simple man too thick to make smart decisions or coherent speeches, a puppet of his corrupt administration (read: Cheney and Rove), the first person to begin to erode the freedoms that make America great. You will be remembered with a wince, a scar on American history, the man who turned the world against America, a man who leaves the country much worse than he received it.

In fact, if anything, we should thank you, Mr. Bush, for reminding us what makes America great. When your embarassing reign of terror is over, perhaps we’ll appreciate what we have here with the USA.

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6 Replies to “State of the Union? F’ing Pathetic.”

  1. Bush is one of the worst presidents in the history of USA. I hope history remembers him as such. The one thing I can’t understand though is how was he able to fool the American public twice.

  2. The problem is the “democracy” in the United States, Eugenia. Two words: biparty system.

    It does not work.

  3. The problem is that dumb rednecks are numerous here in the states, and they usually vote republican.

    CAPCHA: Facetious? yes sometimes, but only in the morning.

  4. Maybe he didn’t fool anyone. In 2000 we came off having a president who is most remembered by his sexual exploits and subsequent tap dancing to cover it up. So you had 2 choices, a stiff carryover from the previous 8 years or this seemingly straight forward guy from Texas. The second election was about security and the other guy was a rather weak career politician. When we are threatened we want someone to protect us. (the only thing the national govt really has to do). If you deny that we are in danger of being attacked again then you aren’t being honest. We did nothing to provoke 9-11 or any of the attacks in the 90’s. I mean you can not like the pres because he isn’t a good communicator and his politcal handlers play hardball or that you don’t belive in war is fine. I don’t think his presidency can be honestly evaluated for many years.

  5. If you deny that we are in danger of being attacked again then you aren’t being honest.

    That’s just SILLY. Are you honestly suggesting that if John Kerry were president, he would somehow reduce effort in national security. Don’t mistake Bush’s doing *something* post-9/11 for being unique. ANY leader who displayed leadership post-9/11 would have been seen as a leader and would have taken similar steps.

    I don’t think his presidency can be honestly evaluated for many years.

    While this may be true, nothing will change the fact that the W took what was a $5,000,000,000,000 (that’s TRILLION) budget surplus and turned it into an $8,000,000,000,000 (that’s TRILLION) dollar deficit. And nothing can change the fact that for the last several years, more Americans think he’s a bad president than a good one. And nothing can change the fact that more rights have been revoked under his presidency than any other. Or that he’s made “signing statements” into his own personal ability to break and bend the law, or that we are now publically engaging in torture, or that the world view of America is poorer than it’s ever been… In short, history may sand down these edges, but the legacy, I believe, at least, is sealed. GW is a FAILURE, plain and simple.

    This is not too far from the reason, by the way, that countries eventually have civil wars. Because their leaders no longer represent them, what they want, or the way of life they want. I don’t see that happening in the USA, but as the bill of rights is slowly eroded, the groundwork is further laid.

  6. This is exactly why presidential systems are a bonkers idea. I can’t imagine Tony Blair surviving if 7 out of 10 people thought he was a craphead.

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