State of the Union: Depressing

George W. is running this country into the ground. We’re about to spend millions on a war that will protect his family’s oil money, it doesn’t much serve our purpose, and it is money desperately needed in schools and the communities around the country.

But my issue isn’t with his policitcs — it’s with Amercan culture, TV, and political correctness. More specifically, it’s with applause. I hate that there is so much damned applauding during the state of the union address. First off, if these monkey congressman feel an uncontrollable need to agree with the President, they should be yelling “Hear hear!” or “Aye!” like they did in the old days.

I’m sure this is too much to ask for, since our congressman are *generally* greedy, self-important, arrogant, old white men who represent us about as well as an elephant fits in a thimble. But the state of the union now only has about 4 minutes of content and 96 minutes of applause, and it makes me crazy. There wouldn’t be 1/100th of the applause if the thing weren’t on TV.

Face it, we’re slipping into a society that sucks. Ultimately, we’re a parody of what we should be. I don’t want to get all heavy and high and mighty, but it’s just depressing. I don’t even believe the president of the United States, not for a minute, because I believe his actions are motivated by a desite to further his own agenda, his own party, and his own finances. And I think he’d like to and deceive the American public with bullshit sentimentalism and heartwarming non-stories to make them think they understand, all the while propagating his moronics. America is commercialism and mass deception now, and it’s sick.

I don’t know that I have a better suggestion than this sham of a democracy. I think Winston Churchill was the one who said “Democracy isn’t best, it’s just the least worst” or something to that effect. The point is, as a people, we generally are suckers. The rest of the world knows it.

Okay, time for McDonalds, everyone.