Small Axe 0.4 Update

I have frozen the code and made my first updates to Small Axe in a very long time. In fact, calling what’s currently available for download in the -devel build 0.4 is not even really accurate. This build has all the features planned for the 0.7-0.8 timeframe. But alas, it’s “0.4 alpha 1” for now.

It doesn’t work.

Above all things, it doesn’t work right now. The build system is now set to rebuild the demo site every 30 minutes, and the code is changing very quickly, but there are still major problems. All in all, I think I should have it available within the next month or so. All I’m trying to do is fix the features that already work here on However, they must all be made completely portable, which is a challenge.

Anyway, it’s exciting, because I’ve been working on a lot of stuff I hope to release by year’s end. It’s good to be coding again. Feels good.

God, I’m a nerd.