Search Optimization: A 60 Day Test

I sent Eugenia and Thom a list of suggestions for improving your standing in search engines. It’s really just a list of lessons I learned as I researched the topic for my company. I culled the info from websites, a search engine optimization partner, and various writings on the subject. The thing is, as I wrote in an earlier post, it’s really worked for me. I’ve obviously done something right, because is returning much higher in all search engines in the last few months. Actually updating once in a while is probably a large part of it…

So I decided to implement many of the same things on OSNews. I have not only created “pretty URLs,” which are really just URLs that obey PATH_INFO rather than standard GET variables, but I’ve added lots of links, included additional internal links, cleaned up the page titles, and added links to submission forms of popular social networking/social bookmarking sites in attempt to earn some additional trust in pagerank.

I’m hoping to see some changes within the next 60 days. So, let’s check back at Thanksgiving time and see what happens.