Sad State of America

This is a direct quote from U.S. SENATOR PATRICK LEAHY: I have never seen a time when our Constitution and fundamental rights as Americans were more threatened by their own government.

Says it all. I feel something that is as close to hatred as I’ve ever felt. Betrayed by our own government. Misled by our president. A corrupt, dispisable administration that will almost certainly be vilified by future generations has destroyed – no, better yet, intentionally pissed on – almost everything that makes America great. Suspending core American principles. Holding people without trials. Torturing criminals. Spying on Americans. Attacking a non-threat because they went after his dad.

George Bush is a pathetic leader and his central staff mostly consists of people who have done a miserable job at supporting America and dammit! I want my rights back!

4 Replies to “Sad State of America”

  1. Yes, it must suck as a True American(tm) in America right now.

    What especially bothers ME is that critiqueing the current gov. is seen as ‘unpatriotic’, while in fact, being able to criticise your gov. is the very core of democracy (and therefore, of America).

  2. I agree with your comment, but we are not a democracy. Never have been. No where in the founding papers of the United States, is the word ever used. We are a representative republic. Although you may feel hatred (never understood using that word) toward President Bush, you have representatives that have given him the power. Your anger, comments, and concerns should be directed towards them.

  3. Obama is the worst mistake America has ever made! There no other decision that even comes close! The man in nothing but a power hungry politician who believes his own press. And I am being very kind. In fact, he is NOT an American. The documents that “prove” his citizenship were cooked up in some back room to get this incompetent elected.

    The very best thing the American people can do today is to say “NO” to those in office and vote them ALL out. There is not an incumbent in ANY OFFICE in this country that should be there after the next election! This is the ONLY way the American people will begin to take back this country and rebuild it.

    I remember when America enforced it’s laws, when kids went to school and learned, when the American flag was not banned by some self-righteous home owners association! I remember when people came to this country and considered it an honor to be here, not a privilege or entitlement. What has happened to America?

    Liberalism happened! We blinked and someone actually believed that they were responsible for someone elses poor choices. They believed that if someone failed it must be my responsibility not theirs. Does that sound ridiculous to you? It does to me. Someone, somewhere said we don’t need to enforce our laws. We need to be the safety net for the world. We can take all we have and give it to a thankless, illegal invader who claims rights to all we have worked for.

    Did you vote for this kind of America? I didn’t and I hope you don’t in the next election!

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