SOC: Michael J. Fox

“Ehhhh….sore-ry, Malary. Maybe tom-more-ow.”

This week’s Spotlight on Canada focuses on Michael J. Fox, proud Canadian, American icon. Many of us can recall a simpler time where Alex P. Keaton’s feelings about Nixon and money were entertainment and Malary’s boyfriend Nick was the biggest problem of the week. These days we have to worry about Iraq and North Korea and fossil fuels and cancer.

But in the 80s, Michael J. Fox was an entertainment mogule. Let’s examine…

Aside from Family Ties, a wholesome, witty, family oriented comedy where the right thing always won, Fox parlayed his success into a fantastic movie career that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Back to the Future is a trilogy on par, some might say, with Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I certainly find it scientifically interesting. The character is sympathetic, and Fox does a great job of portraying the classic Marty McFly. Fox also starred in the brilliant The Secret To My Success, a seemingly wholesome film in which a farm boy scoots into the city and takes the NY business world by storm all while banging his aunt. And who could forget the 80’s staple Teen Wolf, where Fox delivers the now historic line “Give me…a keg…of beer.”

I can’t list Fox’s whole career here, between Stuart Little, The Frighteners, and Life with Mikey among many others, but one film that deserves mention is The American President. One of Fox’s dramatic roles, Fox portays Lewis, the young president speechwriter who stands up to the President at a moment of intensity in the movie. At that moment, I felt Fox was a picture perfect portrayal of the character.

As Fox, who is quite unfortunately stricken with the devastating Parkinson’s Disease, ages, the number of acting roles he accepts will doubtlessly continue to wane. It’s truly a loss, as Fox is most definitely an A list actor, and, in some ways, like a brother to many of us born in the 70’s.