Rush Limbaugh is a Terrorist

Forgive me, but recently, I happened upon a Rush Limbaugh newsletter whilst in a friend’s house. The particular essay I read was on global warming, and it was so outlandish it deserves to be publically mocked. The crowd Rush caters to is an extremist crowd. They are fed the same nonsense they already subscribe to hook, line, and sinker with no actual debate, they are delivered the same neocon bile that has polluted our country, and they love it. With this discourse, his listeners aren’t educated, they are masturbated; any indication of actual debate, discussion, or learning is a joke designed to ultimately reinforce their original, biblical, neocon belief. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter: lather, rinse, repeat. All serve the same dish of blind and unchallenged confirmation.

But alas…

Limbaugh’s argument goes something like this: Global warming cannot exist, because God designed Earth and what God designs is perfect. Therefore, man could not be killing the Earth.

Honestly, that’s it. The most anti-science, anti-education nonsense I’ve ever ingested by someone far to bright to be doing so, but more than likely, like L. Ron Hubbard, probably so inflated from his brainless supporters he believes whatever he manifests. It’s honestly stupid – truly dumb. I have to laugh that there are people who fall for this. People may not believe in global warming – that’s another debate – but for these reasons? Puh-lease!

But it goes even further, for reals! He then continues, therefore, it stands to reason that any “liberal” who believes in global warming is doomed to suffer in the flames of Hell. I shit you not, this is what it says. Liberals will burn in hell. And when you are pandering to a ultra-biblical crowd, the crowd who has condemned progress and science and sheepishly believes it anti-Christian to oppose Neo-Conservatism, they lap it up.

There is only one so-called “conservative” who doesn’t make me want to unswallow my breakfast, and that’s Ron Paul. There are far better candidates for me, but at least Paul understands that Neocons have robbed this country of its freedoms and quite literally *everything* that made it great.

Rush Limbaugh is a terrorist. He keeps his audience in fear – fear of what will happen if they should ever trust in a “liberal.” Liberals, who, by the way, oppose only the mounds of restrictions that neocons, you know the ones who believe in “freedom” have implemented to restrict it. That’s dirty anti-American, and deplorable… at best. These are the people who terrorize the USA – not Al Queda. I’m not afraid that Al Quaida is going to attack. I am afraid that nearly all of the freedoms guarateed by the Bill of Rights have been selectively revoked.

If there really was a place where flames burn and people are tortured for eternity, I’d stake my retirement that Rush Limbaugh has a suite small box set aside with his name on it.

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  1. Disclaimer: I’m a follower of Christ.

    1. Assume that man was created by God and began without sin. (Basic Christian doctrine)
    2. Humanity sinned. (Basic Christian doctrine)
    3. Therefore, something made by God in a “clean” state has become “unclean”. (Assumed from 1 and 2)
    4. Therefore, it is possible to damage what God has created.

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