Rivet Boy

The “codename” for Flip Lite 2 is, and has been for some time, “Red Squirrel.” Well, the development version – meaning the post-2.0 final code, which will be split away today, is now called “Rivet Boy.” Why Rivet Boy? Because I just learned that my grandfather’s first job at Emerson electronics, where he eventually became the lead New York salesman, was …. you guessed it.

A rivert boy – a lost art, apparently – used to rivet the tubes into the wooden frames in the first TV sets. Can you imagine such a thing today? A TV in a wooden box? A 13 inch back and white screen? It’s obscene.

Anyway, Red Squirrel will be forked out of FL-devel today, and Rivet Boy will be born. Long live Rivet Boy.