Right Wing Clueless Asshat

So, one of my favorite sites, The Onion, is a satire magazine. The entire website (and before that, faux newspaper) are ficticious, and most of the time, it’s both hilarious and painfully obvious. So when I stumbled on This piece of work, some brainless conservative finger-waggin nutsack chastising a ficticious woman, Caroline Webber (remember: ficticious!), for celebrating an abortion, I had to laugh. You see, the piece itself parodies the conservative pro-lifers beliefs about pro-choicers. It’s entirely sarcastic.

But this moron if having none of that. He’s not realized that the article is fake, not done any research and found that the Onion, which nearly all skilled internetters know is a humor site, is a humor site, and has embarassed himself by quite sternly responding to …a joke. Nice work, you stegasaurus.

…But wait! It gets better!! In his follow up post, Pete explains that he thinks that “Ms. Webber’s” exaggeration hasn’t gone far enough, because he meets people like that in the field “all the time,” and therefore, the content is believable. Take a second to read this comment, it sums up PERFECTLY what I think we’re all feeling: if this douche can’t tell that this is satire, is he qualified to judge women? Should we even let this asshat remain a part of our society? Man, ultra right wingers make me laugh.

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